Why Choose an Electric Breast Pump over a Manual One

There are a number of reasons why women choose to express their milk. One of the main reasons is so that the baby can get the natural, hygienic and fresh milk even when their mother is not around. This is a great advantage for women who need to resume work soon after the delivery of their baby. A breast pump is that amazing device to help you express milk and store it for later feeds for your baby. While there are a number of breast pumps available in the market, not all women are comfortable using these pumps.

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Again, there’s a great confusion about whether an electric pump is better than a manual pump or the manual pump is more efficient. If you’re thinking about getting a breast pump to express milk, consider buying an electric one. Here are some of the reasons why an electric breast pump is better than a manual pump.


An electric breast pump enables you to express milk a lot quickly in comparison to a manual pump. They are also easier to operate as compared to the manual pumps since they require less effort. For women who are always on the move, and need to get to work on time, an electric pump will save a lot of time and effort in expressing milk. These pumps also help extract more milk so you know your baby won’t stay hungry.


While manual breast pumps manage to pump only one breast at a time, an electric pump enables you to pump both breasts at the same time. This will help you save more time and you don’t need to wait for each breast to get pumped individually.


Manual breast pumps are a little painful and you can’t adjust the pressure, however electric breast pumps are designed to replicate the suction of a baby and this suction process does not hurt. It also helps to extract more milk in lesser time. You can adjust the number of sucks when you’re in a hurry to express milk faster. There are adjustable suction levels to help you.

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An electric breast pump might cost more than a manual pump, but they are a lot more efficient. They will let you save a lot of time that you can spend in doing other important chores at home of manage your office work. Its option to adjust the suction modes allows it to use it as comfortably as you feel to be. Manual pumps can be painful.


Most women have confessed that manual pumps are painful and take a long time to express milk. Remember even if you invest in an electric pump, your body will take time to adjust to the pump. Just be sure that you clean it properly after each use, so that your baby does not get some infection form the unhygienic milk. One more thing to take care about is that you must refrigerate the expressed milk to be used whole day.