How to iron your shirts using a steam iron

I bet this type of articles are mostly read by men, as they are the ones needing step by step instructions to iron a shirt. Most women have used one at least once in their lives or have seen their mothers doing it.

how to iron

So, let’s start with the beginning. The first thing you need to do is fill the tank of the iron with water, so that the item is capable of belting steam. If you forget about this essential stage of ironing, you won’t obtain great results at the end.


how to iron3Set the iron for the type of material your shirt is made from. You’ll see that each type of material and the required setting are indicated somewhere on the device’s surface, next to the button or scroll wheel that you use to switch through the options. To find out the basic fabric of the shirt, check the label placed below the collar. This is of high importance, as you may burn the material of the clothing item if you set a higher temperature and then you’ll have to toss it away and begin again with another shirt.


Once you’ve set the proper temperature for your type of shirt, make sure you turn on the steam feature and start the ironing process.


how to iron2It is preferable that you iron shirts on the seamy side, to protect the fabric. Start from the center of the collar and iron each half of it separately, then go downwards. Once you have ironed the main part, proceed with the sleeves. Insert the iron inside the sleeve and take it out once you have finished ironing it. Lay the sleeve flat on the ironing surface and pass the iron on it until you obtain one single crease on the upper side. Repeat the operation with the other sleeve. If you have buttons, or other little accessories placed on the shirt, use the tapered part of the soleplate to iron the fabric near them as well. In the end, check the shirt with precaution to see if there are still any remaining wrinkles.


Once you’re finished make sure you unplug the iron, so that you don’t find your house burnt to the ground when you come back. Good luck!