Keeping your yard clean – how I do it


No matter the size of your yard trying to keep it clean can seem like an exercise in futility. It can be surprising how quickly it can start to look unkempt, and I’m not even talking about mowing or edging. Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks that help me keep up with my yard so it doesn’t become a neighborhood eyesore.


One of the first things I’ve learned is to never underestimate the importance of a good rake. Even if there isn’t a tree anywhere near your yard, a rake is still an essential tool to have. Leaves will fall and blow around, and this means that they will eventually end up in your yard. Grass clippings from regular mowings also need to be raked occasionally, even if your lawn mower comes with a bag. Having a good rake handy can make it easy to keep your yard looking clean, and it is definitely better than picking up the debris by hand.


If you have children or even grandkids that stop by frequently it can be hard keeping up with their toys. Balls can always seem to be underneath bushes or lying around in flower beds. The same is usually true for bats, gloves, hula hoops and a variety of other outdoor toys. Constantly yelling at kids to pick up their toys is never fun, but there is an easier way to keep everything neat and tidy. A large storage container can be the perfect solution, and you can find them at an affordable price. Whether you use it with the lid or without, placing it somewhere easy and convenient for kids to get to can make a dramatic difference in the amount of stuff you have to pick up from your yard. You do want to make sure that the container you choose is durable, weatherproof and fits in your available space.


Mowing and edging is also important, and it will make a difference in how your yard looks. A few toys lying around in a neatly mowed and edged yard looks a lot better than if they are in one that is overgrown. There are several types of lawn mowers to choose from, and finding the best one will depend on your budget and size of your yard. The same is also true for edgers, but trust me when I say that purchasing these will be money well spent.


Washing your car at home

I found out too late that the swirl marks that disfigured my car was caused by my poor washing technique, so after a very expensive professional auto repainting job, I took it upon myself to properly do weekly washes and hand drying at home with greater care. I know how using the improper techniques can cause unsightly scratches and swirl marks on the car finish and they can require polishing or compounding at the very least, which are extra chores I am not willing to do nor to spend extra money on. I have found these tips to be pretty nifty for car washing at home:


I do weekly washing.

Summer Car Washing. Cleaning Car Using High Pressure Water.

Some contaminants can do some serious long term damage to the paint fast so I have undertaken to do weekly washing. Bird droppings and dead insects are two such organic elements. The complex proteins in those elements as well as the organic acids eat their way through the surface and the clear coat, necessitating prompt removal as they can lead to discolorations and rust. Brake dust can also be another problem. Brake dust comes with metal shavings from the adhesives and rotors used in the manufacture of brake pads. With a moving vehicle, there’s a dirty column of roadway chemicals and brake dust traveling along. This dirty plume could easily bombard the car’s lower portion with a sticky mist that’s almost invisible. Extremely sticky and corrosive, brake dust has to be removed every week by washing it away before it does permanent damage. I never wash my car under direct sunlight. Instead, I pick a shady spot to do the chore.


I wash the wheels and tires first. Then, when I’m ready to wash, I start with clean water, a freshly rinsed bucket and a wash mitt. I use a lubricant-rich car wash. I wash the vehicle down instead of front to back.


I use the proper washing tools.

aw1I make sure the tools I use for washing are gentle on the paint while still being effective for contamination removal. I avoid dense sponges and flat weave towels and opt instead for plush or deep nap mitts and sponges. I use an organic sea sponge with natural fibers that won’t damage the paint and can basically draw contaminants into its openings and well away from the precious car finish. For washing, I use the sponge’s softer side. I also make sure to rinse the natural sponge thoroughly before use to eliminate sand or shell fragments. Another option I am open to trying is sheepskin wash mitts, which are extremely plush and soft, like micro-chenille wash mitts. I use a water-based cleaner that is safe for all wheels. I look for cleaners free of corrosive chemicals. I agitate with a wheel brush to ensure that my wheels remain scratch free when cleaning. I finish up with a spray sealant or spray wax.

How to iron your shirts using a steam iron

I bet this type of articles are mostly read by men, as they are the ones needing step by step instructions to iron a shirt. Most women have used one at least once in their lives or have seen their mothers doing it.

how to iron

So, let’s start with the beginning. The first thing you need to do is fill the tank of the iron with water, so that the item is capable of belting steam. If you forget about this essential stage of ironing, you won’t obtain great results at the end.


how to iron3Set the iron for the type of material your shirt is made from. You’ll see that each type of material and the required setting are indicated somewhere on the device’s surface, next to the button or scroll wheel that you use to switch through the options. To find out the basic fabric of the shirt, check the label placed below the collar. This is of high importance, as you may burn the material of the clothing item if you set a higher temperature and then you’ll have to toss it away and begin again with another shirt.


Once you’ve set the proper temperature for your type of shirt, make sure you turn on the steam feature and start the ironing process.


how to iron2It is preferable that you iron shirts on the seamy side, to protect the fabric. Start from the center of the collar and iron each half of it separately, then go downwards. Once you have ironed the main part, proceed with the sleeves. Insert the iron inside the sleeve and take it out once you have finished ironing it. Lay the sleeve flat on the ironing surface and pass the iron on it until you obtain one single crease on the upper side. Repeat the operation with the other sleeve. If you have buttons, or other little accessories placed on the shirt, use the tapered part of the soleplate to iron the fabric near them as well. In the end, check the shirt with precaution to see if there are still any remaining wrinkles.


Once you’re finished make sure you unplug the iron, so that you don’t find your house burnt to the ground when you come back. Good luck!

Black & Decker is a high-quality brand

cheap pressure washer

My husband had hinted that buying an inexpensive pressure washer might be convenient round the house. We carry the optimal/optimally pressure washer brands accessible on the marketplace. Here we are going to have a look at the most effective cheap electric and gas pressure washers. Following is a review of the greatest pressure washing accessories available on the market. It’s really rather easy for a manufacturer to strip quality from a pressure washer to reach a selling price point, particularly when the consumer doesn’t have any idea about what to search for. Despite the greater price tag, purchasing a gas pressure washer is currently much cheaper than renting one.

The pressure washer industry for a whole would need to be categorized for a fragmented industry. The net further is a wonderful source for looking for pressure washer parts since there’s great variety and in addition lot of information about the item. If you prefer quick information regarding pressure washer pumps, together with a review of the two primary types available, visit the Pressure Washer Pump page. But there’s a way which one can pick up some real value should you be searching for a high quality gas pressure washer, but at a reasonable price.

It may be time to try to find a new pressure washer or maybe to upgrade to a highly effective model, perhaps you simply need some pointers to begin with pressure washing whatever your requirements, we’re here to enable you to meet them! Before purchasing, get my pro review of the greatest pressure washers out there! That’s a great deal of cleaning power! My friend, a retired school teacher, wanted to get a superior pressure washer that will hold up for numerous years.

If you believe you’ll use a pressure washer more when compared to a couple times every year, it might be an excellent thought to check into purchasing one. If however, you’re just wanting to make use of the washer for a couple of jobs, and don’t think you will ever use it again, then go-ahead and rent one. For across the home it is really a fantastic purchase. The great news is the fact that an excellent pressure washer manufacturer isn’t going to bow to these pressures, he’ll simply have a pass on this particular business…probably won’t even attempt to obtain an appointment to make that sales pitch in the very first location.

Washing an automobile or perhaps a boat is among the typical uses of the pressure washer. In case you have a pressure washer using a wobble pump that breaks, you’ll need to change out your complete pressure washer. You may say superior bye to the frustration of needing to fix a level tire on your own washer. The important thing which you will notice when using a bargain pressure washer is performance.

Heavy duty cleaning always requires using pressure washers and you need to have one if you’re fond of DIY cleaning. In case you are washing an automobile, you will want to utilize a reduce psi than you would for cleaning your deck. If you rent a washer just two times a calendar year, you can have purchased a great washer in a calendar year along with a half. So cleaning your home using a power washer and the proper cleaners not merely enhances the looks, it increases value. For use throughout the house a couple times per month they may be precisely the unit you’re going to want. This definitely is an excellent means to begin in picking the best pressure washer.


Why Choose an Electric Breast Pump over a Manual One

There are a number of reasons why women choose to express their milk. One of the main reasons is so that the baby can get the natural, hygienic and fresh milk even when their mother is not around. This is a great advantage for women who need to resume work soon after the delivery of their baby. A breast pump is that amazing device to help you express milk and store it for later feeds for your baby. While there are a number of breast pumps available in the market, not all women are comfortable using these pumps.

breast pump vs

Again, there’s a great confusion about whether an electric pump is better than a manual pump or the manual pump is more efficient. If you’re thinking about getting a breast pump to express milk, consider buying an electric one. Here are some of the reasons why an electric breast pump is better than a manual pump.


An electric breast pump enables you to express milk a lot quickly in comparison to a manual pump. They are also easier to operate as compared to the manual pumps since they require less effort. For women who are always on the move, and need to get to work on time, an electric pump will save a lot of time and effort in expressing milk. These pumps also help extract more milk so you know your baby won’t stay hungry.


While manual breast pumps manage to pump only one breast at a time, an electric pump enables you to pump both breasts at the same time. This will help you save more time and you don’t need to wait for each breast to get pumped individually.


Manual breast pumps are a little painful and you can’t adjust the pressure, however electric breast pumps are designed to replicate the suction of a baby and this suction process does not hurt. It also helps to extract more milk in lesser time. You can adjust the number of sucks when you’re in a hurry to express milk faster. There are adjustable suction levels to help you.

breast 1

An electric breast pump might cost more than a manual pump, but they are a lot more efficient. They will let you save a lot of time that you can spend in doing other important chores at home of manage your office work. Its option to adjust the suction modes allows it to use it as comfortably as you feel to be. Manual pumps can be painful.


Most women have confessed that manual pumps are painful and take a long time to express milk. Remember even if you invest in an electric pump, your body will take time to adjust to the pump. Just be sure that you clean it properly after each use, so that your baby does not get some infection form the unhygienic milk. One more thing to take care about is that you must refrigerate the expressed milk to be used whole day.